What we do.

SwipeGuide is on a mission to save the world from useless instructions and deliver the most intuitive way to standardize work in the manufacturing industry. 

Our work instruction software empowers your teams to maximize their operational efficiency and minimize production errors with instructions and standards - backed by research into how people really learn.

SwipeGuide customers use our Saas platform to get a little better every day. From easy sharing and authoring, to intuitive authoring and knowledge capture - your teams will never have an easier time being productive on the factory floor.

Today, our customers include Heineken, PepsiCo, Pernod Ricard, and ABB

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Our culture.

We understand that it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it.

Great products and great companies are built together, as a team. SwipeGuide has incorporated this idea into the core of our philosophy and we’ve worked hard to create a truly collaborative workspace. Employees can work together without competition, in an environment built on positivity and personal responsibility. We work on ourselves, every day, to ensure that we can come together to deliver creative and forward-thinking solutions.

We give this energy back to our end-users and to the world. SwipeGuide is a simple, elegant solution to a real problem in the manufacturing industry. Our product allows companies to achieve higher profits while reducing their impact on the environment.

For customers. For stakeholders. For ourselves. For the environment. Our purpose is to simplify life so we can all spare resources for better use!

Our story.

Established in 2016 over a mutual frustration with traditional paper instructions, Daan Assen and Willemijn Schneyder founded SwipeGuide to change the way we work and learn in a manufacturing environment. 

Today, we’re a multinational crew of digital natives building a future-proof instruction platform that finally makes sense.

We always want to be learning and growing. We believe that real growth means trying new things and having the courage to continuously optimize your way of working.

Our values.

1. Make users awesome. 

We simplify life by making any task easier to do.  Those frictions lay in the everyday lives of people, our users. Learning is hard & instructions suck. We can only truly create an effortless experience every step of the way by making our users awesome. Keep it simple, with a twist.

2. Go positive. 

Positivity fuels everyone’s energy every day and creates space. Going positive means finding fundamental positivity in each little thing we see, do and feel, even in the hard times. It protects people’s time, reputation, money, health, and relationships. Create a fun, positive spirit and pay it forward. Celebrate Swipee success.

3. Own it.

We have the courage, leadership, and persistence to own our shit. In taking ownership you will find the greatest support to drive that forward.  Drive SwipeGuide forward, take initiative and claim ownership. 

4. Always be learning.

Feed your curiosity and never assume. Every day you will come across an exciting new problem that requires a creative and forward-thinking solution. Rocking the world of instructions requires us to have the courage to continuously re-imagine and re-work our own roles, ideas, and concepts in order to discover a better solution.

5. Leave your ego at the door.

Great products and great companies are built together, as a team. We need an open and inclusive environment to succeed. Without ego, we have the space to learn, fail and therefore grow together. Collaborate, stay humble and open-minded.

6. Spare resources for better use.

For customers - for stakeholders - for ourselves - for the environment. Our purpose is to simplify life so you can spare resources for better use. This goes towards our product, but also towards our way of working and the experiences we create for the world around us. 

Our office.

B2. Amsterdam

SwipeGuide office

B.2 - Tower Create, 4th Floor
John M. Keynesplein 12-46,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands