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Our mission

Our mission is to simplify the world by making any new or complex task easier to do. To Rock the world of Instructions. One user guide, one manual at a time.

We do agree that it sounds a bit boring when you write this down as a mission statement…But the impact that we have is huge. With SwipeGuide anyone and any company can easily create, publish, share and track visual & interactive step-by-step instructions to smart apps for any device or wearable. Reducing the use of paper, improving sustainability.  Most importantly it actively makes it easier for people to do new or complex things. User guides, assembly manuals or work instructions.  

We are a frontrunner in the industry. That means that we need to adjust, learn and execute on a daily basis. Something that is possible since we are a growing and developing startup. And with our new tech-first approach we are helping, disrupting and adding a lot of values to a lot of companies and consumers already! Our software will make technical writers and instruction designs obsolete.

Our culture

We asked some of the people what it’s like to work for SwipeGuide and they all mentioned the major positive impact of having an international & eclectic crew that “has a wonderful weird sense of humor that makes every day at work ridiculously fun.”

And since we are a fast growing tech startup there are a lot of things that are ‘first time encounters.’ Situations that we have not seen before and challenges that we need to tackle to move forward. And these could take on any form. And it is how you deal with those that molds more culture. For us it is the opportunity to grasp new tasks, apply your passion & skills and develop yourself even faster!

All in all it’s about passion & inclusiveness. Respect, freedom, willingness to help and responsibility. Work should be fun!


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Machine Learning Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Backend Developer (node.js)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frontend Developer
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands

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CID & Proud Founder
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Founding member & Head of Growth
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CEO & Proud Founder
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Founding member & CTO
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Growth Marketeer
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Instruction Designer
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Fullstack Dev.
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UX design intern
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Fullstack Frontend Designer
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Marketing intern
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Software QA tester
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Fullstack Dev.
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Fullstack Dev.
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Fullstack Dev.

Our HQ


SwipeGuide office!

B.2 - Tower Create, 4th Floor
John M. Keynesplein 12-46,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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